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Road Wise Driving School, Guelph

(519) 837-9214 (Office)  /  (519) 831-7129 (Cell)

Is Roadwise Driving School approved?

Yes, Roadwise Driving School is Ministry approved, Beginner Driver education course provider.

Do I have to finish the online portion before I start my in-car training?


Yes, online must be completed before started in car


Is there a payment plan?

Yes, we can work out

Is there gift certificates?

Yes, we have gift certificates.

How early can I go for my g1 exit road test?

If you take our Ministry approved (BDE), you can take your first road test within 8 months of the date of licence, otherwise you have to wait for 1 year.

How do I get an appointment for roadtest?

Log onto to or ask your instructor

What is BDE course? 

BDE course is Beginner Driver Education Course.

Road Wise Driving School (Guelph, ON)   /   (519) 837-9214 (Office)   /   (519) 831-7129 (Cell)   /

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